Alexa skills are live, and Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus are on sale, in India

Additionally, the editors of this newsletter were "live" in Austin last week. Photographic evidence is above. It's good to put a face to a name (and voice), right? That's @ill_peripherals aka tteague on the left, and @jpkbst on the right. Smile!

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Austin - Nov 2
Bangalore, India - Nov 8–9

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San Francisco - Nov 7
NYC - Nov 14

Alexa Skills Workshop Powered by Galvanize
Boulder - Nov 13
San Francisco - Nov 13

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AVS Tech Talk - Nov 14

Alexa Skills Challenge: Kids - Now until Jan 10
$250,000 in Prizes

2018 Alexa Conference - Jan 17–20
Smart Voice Summit - Feb 1 & 2

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