Alexa and Cortana, Amazon and Microsoft Playing By Their Own Rules

The announcement from Amazon and Microsoft will get picked apart over the coming weeks, but it is certainly a remarkable one. Of many interesting aspects, consider this: "It is unusual for big tech companies to cooperate on important new technologies that they want to stand out from the competition. Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google and nearly every other big tech company is pouring huge amounts of money into making digital assistants that are smarter and can do more, seeing them as a new way for people to interact naturally with devices and online services.

But Mr. Bezos and Mr. Nadella are concerned that keeping assistants from working together could hold them back. The way they see it, each assistant has unique strengths that could benefit the other assistants."

Amazon and Microsoft (and Bezos and Nadella) are writing their own playbook. It's exciting stuff.

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