The Parade of Voice-First Product Marches On!

It has become almost a bit dizzying now the rate of announcements related to new devices, tools, and integrations for Alexa and Google Assistant. Even as curators of this newsletter, we are struggling to keep up with it, and it seems that we are barely done digesting and making sense of one announcement before the next is upon us.

Consider this a request for comment, as we would love to see and publish any pieces that help to summarize, analyze, and most of all, provide well-considered perspective on everything that is happening in our community. We would love to read it, as we're sure would others.

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Contests and Events

Phoenix Alexa - Sept 28
Boulder JavaScript - Oct 18

Alexa Skills Workshop Powered by Galvanize
Austin - Sept 26
Denver - Sept 26

Botscamp Free Virtual Conference - Sept 28

Win an Echo Show from Bespoken - Enter before Sept 30

Voice & Beyond Conference Presented by Jovo
No firm date set, but tentatively Spring in Berlin. Sounds like a great excuse to visit Germany.