Highlights from Amazon's surprise, special announcement

There are six new devices, and a major new API for controlling Gadgets.

At this point, it's clear this is not just about a smart speaker, or even voice-first, but the mass adoption of the IoT. The number of applications, use cases, and devices are seemingly only bounded by the number of things that can have a simple microcontroller and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth adapter attached. Given that, the editors expect this product proliferation to, if anything, accelerate. It seems the IoT revolution, hyped for so long, is finally upon us. But while you get your head around that, here is a quick review of what we learned yesterday.


  • New Amazon Echo - Smaller Echo - $99
  • New Amazon Echo Plus - Better audio + smart home hub - $149
  • Echo Button - Hand-sized buttons for games - 2 for $20
  • Echo Connect - Dot-like home with phone jack - $35
  • Fire TV 4K - Compact, dongle-type Fire TV with 4K - $70
  • Echo Spot - Alarm-clock type Echo with built-in screen - $130


  • Gadget API - for tying Alexa together with Gadgets/things
  • Routine API - automate multi-step sequences with one command
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