Voice Wars - Episode IV - A New Hope

Try to imagine this as a back scroll across your email, ala the Star Wars intros:
After Google's initial insurgency to remove YouTube from the Echo Show, Amazon re-grouped and re-launched YouTube support with a browser wrap. But in Episode III, Google returned fire by forcing even that to be taken down - a response to Amazon's seeming long-standing embargo on the sale of Google products.

Now we join two bleary-eyed, coffee-stained developers in Seattle as they look to find a hack to bring video back to the Show. Meanwhile, the fate of thousands (millions?) of voice-driven, holiday-themed dance partiers rests in their hands...

Of course, the analogy is ridiculous for any number of reasons. Foremost, perhaps, that there are no rebels or underdogs here - just two empires. Though we may love their technology, neither engenders much sympathy.

And per Voicebot's analysis, this may be an opening for Facebook (could they be the new video provider Amazon?) - that would make the whole saga even more interesting. Or maybe they are just a phantom menace to bring the two principals back to the table to work this out. We hope.

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